Setting Task Details [Xamun Project]

Xamun Project lets you set various task details. To open a task card, click on the task number. Seen below is an open Task Card.

In it, you can:
  1. Edit Task Name
  2. Edit Task Number
  3. Select Predecessor Tasks
  4. Edit Task Status
  5. Edit Task Size
  6. Edit Milestone
  7. Activate Email Notification
  8. Edit Task Description
  9. Add Attachments
  10. Post on the task-level discussion thread
  11. Add Due Date
  12. Add or Remove Task Assignee
  13. Set Task Category
  14. Add Sub Tasks- To add a subtask, simply type the subtask and hit "Enter". 
To convert subtasks to tasks, click on "Convert To Task". Your parent task will now become a black banner that follows your subtasks around the board. Clicking on the "X" button on the black banner will delete the parent task as well as its subtask, while clicking on the arrow on the right will allow you to expand or collapse the subtasks contained within the parent task. 

Last updated: March 4, 2016

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