Special Icons on the Task Card [Xamun Project]

After setting various task details, the Task Card on your task board will have special icons so you can have a quick view of what’s inside each task card:

  1. Task Number 
  2. Task Assignees - This will show all team member part of the task will appear. 
  3. Discussion Thread – This means there’s a discussion thread inside the Task Card. The number is the count of posts made.  
  4. Attachments – This means files have been attached inside. The number is the count of attachments available.
  5. Predecessor Tasks - This shows how many predecessor tasks the tasks has. 
  6. Task Category – When you hover your cursor over the flag, it will show the Category Name
  7. Timesheet - You can add time spent on a task on a daily basis. 
  8. Project Milestone. 

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