Customizing Swim Lanes [Xamun Project]

The Swim Lanes on Xamun’s task board can be customized in four ways: 1) you can edit each lane’s label, 2) you can move a lane to a different location, 3) you can delete a lane and 4) you can add a new lane.

1. Editing the Pane's Label

Click on the pencil icon, then edit the label on the first box in the pop-up. 

2. Moving a Swim Lane

Click on the pop-up to choose where the lane will be moved.

3. Deleting a Swim Lane

You cannot delete the pane has been pre-set in the task board [ Backlog, ToDo, In Progress and Done]. Click on the Delete Lane button. Note that you can’t delete lanes with tasks on them.

4. Adding a New Swim Lane

Click on the (+) button, then enter the lane label and desired location and click Add.

Last updated: December 10, 2015

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