Setting Deal Details [Xamun Sales]

When you click on the Deal Card name, you will see the card in its expanded form. 



You will be able to add, edit or delete information in the Deal Card and do the following:

  1. Edit Deal/Requirement Name
  2. Add Deal's Description
  3. Update Deal Status
  4. Add a Service- You can add by members of the company or by position needed for the service.
  5. Add Products
  6. Earmark Resources and set Service Cost- input the quantity of people to be deployed for the service, the length of time they will be working on the project, and the rate of the people to be deployed. 
  7. Product Cost – input percentage or actual amount and the Total Project Cost will be calculated automatically by the system and vice versa. You can also do it using an estimated amount.
  8. Edit Client Details
  9. Edit or add contact person from the client
  10. Set probable close date
  11. Set probability of lead being closed
  12. Assign or remove member of sales team to the lead
  13. Set category for lead
  14. Set discount- you can do either a percentage of the amount, or a set amount. 
  15. Set Estimated Amount- the system automatically calculates all the values you put in the fields. However, this field can be edited to set the total estimated amount that you wish to set. 
  16. Add attachments
  17. Discussion thread- this is where your team members assigned to the lead can collaborate and discuss. 
  18. Set Contract Type- there are two options for this: Fixed Price and Time and Material. Click on the pencil button beside Contract Type to edit payment terms for the type selected. 
  19. Payment Terms- this option only appears if you have selected Time and Material as your Contract Type. Tick the box of the option you have chosen for payment terms, whether down payment or month billing (for month billing, set whether to bill them either at the beginning or at the end of the month, as well as the number of days in which the payment will be due.) 
Last updated: January 11, 2016

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