Customizing Opportunity Lanes [Xamun Sales]

The Opportunity Lanes on Xamun’s Deal Board can be customized in three ways: 1) you can edit each lane’s label, 2) you can move a lane to a different location, and 3) you can add a new lane.

Editing an Opportunity Lane’s Label

Click on the pencil icon, then edit the label on the first box in the pop-up. 

Moving an Opportunity Lane

Tick the box where you want the new lane moved. 

Adding an Opportunity Lane

Click on the plus sign in the Swimlanes. Type in the name of the lane, and tick the box where you want the lane to be placed. Then click on Save. 

Click on the Add Opportunity Lane button on the Navigator Pane. Then, enter the lane label and desired location and click Add.

Last updated: January 29, 2016

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