Setting Up My Team

It is important to setup My Team so you can monitor employee leaves and other details. To start setup, simply click on Setup to update details in My Team.

Click on the drop-down menu to update the following:

1.) Departments 
2.) Time Off Types 
3.) Employment Statuses 
4.) Job Positions 


Input the following to add company department:

1. Department Code
2. Department Name 

Time Off Types

To setup time off types, complete the following:

1. Time Off Code
2. Time Off Name

Employment Statuses

Create employment statuses by adding the following:

1. Status Code
2. Status Name

Note: You have to specify if the status is for Active or Inactive Employees. 

Job Positions

Complete setup by adding Job Positions within your company. Input the following:

1. Position Code
2. Position Name
3. Number of Levels in a Position
4. Select if Billable or Non Billable post

Last updated: February 29, 2016

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