Settling an Invoice

To settle an invoice, got to "Open Invoice" 

Click on the Invoice Number to open the invoice details.

Once you click on the invoice number, it will display the invoice details. In here, you have input appropriate details before clicking on update button:

1. Date of Payment
2. Bank Name 
3. Reference # - manually created.
4. Amount Paid - can be the whole amount or partial payment 
5. Adjustments (if any) - can be a discount or additional charges like tax that will be manually added. 
6. Remarks- can be added manually or via template in Setup

Once all the details have been provided, tick on the check box that says “Mark as Settled” and click on “Update Payment” to update payments. 

Once an invoice is settled you can look it up at the Settled Invoice page. 

Last updated: February 17, 2016

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