Client Card

Client Card  is found on the left panel where each card shows a list of icons that summarize each activity.

In here you will find the following: 
  1. Client Logo.
  2. Client Name – upon clicking on the client name, you will be able to view the details on the right panel.
  3. Task Count- get the total task count within the client, which is also linked in the task board. 
  4. Discussion Count- know the number of messages/chats transpired for the client. 
  5. Contact Count- know how to contact for concerns pertaining to specific clientele.
  6. Follow Up (Calendar) – where you can select the date range.
  7. Team Member - know who’s involved in the team to get in touch with the client. You can also add a new teammate by simply clicking on the (+) button.
  8. Add lead- add new lead or business from specific clientele
Last updated: February 16, 2016

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