Editing an Applicant Card [Xamun Recruitment]

You can include details about the applicant inside the applicant card. To do that, click on the name of the applicant to expand the card. 

Inside the card, you can do the following: 

1. Edit basic information about the applicant. Clicking on the photo will allow you to change the applicant's photo, while Edit will show field to edit the following:  Name, Email, Current Role and Current Company. 
2. View the information about the applicant. Clicking on this will open a new tab in your browser showing their electronic resume. 
3. Request for the applicant to update their profile. Clicking on this will allow you to send an email to the applicant to edit their electronic resume, or share a link which you can copy and paste. 
4. Role
5. Asking Salary 
6. Status. Clicking on the drop down allows the card to be moved along the different lanes. you can also choose to send the applicant to the Rejected or Resume Bank databases. 
7. Recruiter. Clicking on the "+" button beside Recruiter allows you to add a recruiter. Clicking on a recruiter's image allows you to remove the recruiter. 
8. Attachment. The number and type of attachment buttons correspond to the required documents that you set for the position.  
9. Availability . Clicking on Availability edits the date of availability for any appointment you may have with the applicant. 
10. Source. Clicking on Source allows you to select where the applicant heard about the opening. To add a source, simply type in the text box and click on Save. 
11. How did you find out about the opening
12. Notes. This is where you can input your notes about the applicant. 
13. Application Progress. This is a log on the applicant's progress along the recruitment pipeline, as well as the changes inside the applicant card. 

Last updated: November 18, 2015

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