First Look at Contracts [Xamun Contracts]

Xamun Contracts has 3 general areas: the Header, the Toolbar and the Contract Timeline. 

The Header contains shortcuts to your chosen landing page, the Navigation Menu, your default Sales Board, Accounts, Invoice, My Team, Activity Report, Notifications and Settings. 

The Toolbar allows you to access any of the following: 1) adding a new contract, 2) all ongoing and live contracts, 3) view contracts due for renewal, 4) archived contracts and 5) deployment report. Note that only those whose positions in My Team as Billable can be marked as Deployed. 

The Contract Timeline is where you can see all of your ongoing contracts as a timeline. At one glance, you can see: 1) the number of contracts which are overdue, will be ending in 30 days,or still good to go, 2) a timeline of the live contracts with ongoing projects (hovering your mouse on one of the markers show details about the contract) and 3) a list of all your live contracts. Click here to learn how to add a new contract. 

Last updated: November 25, 2015

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