First Look at Activity Report

Logging in your hours has been made easier. The Activity Report shows you all the tasks that you are assigned to (for project-based tasks), and your non-project tasks, where you can log in your hours for each task without having to go from one task card to another. 

The Activity Report has 4 tabs: 

1. Activity Report
2. Individual Report- generate a report according to the following categories: teammate, project, client, or start and end dates.
3. Team Report- generate a report of all the hours your team logged for a project with the option of exporting the data to an Excel file. 
4. Setup- where you can set up holidays

With Activity Report you can: 

1. Select the date that you wish to input hours
2. Jump to today's date
3. View the total number of hours you have logged for the day
4. View and input your hours for all your tasks in one column

Last Updated: January 22, 2016

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